Mobile Apps for your Business? What it can do for you!

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The Best Time to Plant a Tree was 20 Years Ago. The Second-best time is Now.

Phone use has taken over so much of our lives already. We all recognise Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so many other apps that have been part of our lives for years now. People now spend an average of over 3 hours on their phones daily. We check our phones, on average, 58 times in the same day with more than half of those being work hours. Those of us with the function on our phones can even check to see how much we used them. Remember, we tend to use mobile apps 9X more often than the browser every day.

This means you’ll need to invest in an effective mobile app. it takes more than just a mobile-friendly website to grow your business.

Businesses are now realising this and are acting fast, especially since the lockdown started. In fact, 42% of small businesses already have a mobile app. An additional 30% of small business owners plan to build an app in the future. No need to get despondent though, because successfully launching an app for your business can still give you an advantage over your competitors.

Keep An Eye On The Big Picture

Before you even begin with those thoughts of launching, marketing, how to fund an app etc. just take a moment to think of the long-term plan. While details are an important place to start, when it comes to developing a software product, don’t be afraid to dream big.

When developing your mobile app, take into account how it might look and work on other devices apart from your own phone, such as an iPad, Android tablet. Cross-platform distribution has already taken off and you want to be part of that as quickly as possible.

Quality Over Quantity

If your product is targeting a high quantity of users, having thousands of people downloading your app is potentially great, especially if you’re looking at monetizing your users through advertising. But without a sturdy, well-designed, quality product your users will soon grow weary, delete it and revenue can dry up very quickly after that.

Do Your Research

Know your target audience. Whether it’s your local regional market, online or both. Start by engaging with them to gain insight into what encourages them to positively engage. Once you have gathered some insight into your target audience and gleaned your relevant statistics, make sure you do your research on the mobile marketing solutions already out there.

Look for market solutions that gives you the “best results for the smallest effort”. Aim for efficiency. Marketing campaigns can be costly and do not always result in good ROI.

The Way Forward

Some essential factors to consider while developing a mobile app:

  • Budgeting Aspect - while budgeting make sure you include the maintenance fee.
  • Branding - this is key. It’s who YOU are and should leave a memorable impression that allows your audience to get a feeling of what to expect from your business.
  • Marketing - one of the biggest advantages to having a mobile app is linking your business on social media, which enables you to reach out to a wider target audience, define your end goal and use SEO services
  • Feedback - listening to your initial users will be a great way to refine your product, this will refine your marketing strategy.